We are SO excited to have you join us at our

3rd successful event!

Are you up for the AAdventure?

Our 2nd Annual Skydiving for Kids event was yet again successful! There were 16 jumpers and between their personal fundraising efforts and the spectacular spectators who came that day, more than $10,000 was raised! We had quite a few people on the ground swear they would Never jump… yet they are some of the very 1st to sign up for 2014! Last year’s successes can be counted in gigantic smiles: jumpers, spectators, and donation recipients. We had best friends, sisters, mom & daughter team, dad & daughter team, college students, entrepreneurs, teachers, and engineers that made up our AAwesome group of jumpers. They each knew they were doing this for a good cause, now they feel they did a good thing for themselves as well! We had Jumptown instructors, who marveled at our event last year, excited and thrilled to see us come back again. The continued enthusiasm of our supporters is AAwe-inspiring, and we have the best reason to do something extreme. And so… we just have to do it for a 3rd time! Come be a part of a truly AAwesome day of giving, support, love, and fun on July 12, 2014.

Jumper Registration Information:

The 2014 Jump fee is group discounted to $209 per person. BUT show us your love by signing up before New Year's Eve and you'll get your jump for only $189! Because all jumps are done tandem, there is a weight limit of 240 lbs. All jumpers get a free commemorative t-shirt and tickets for the high end/sports raffle. Each jumper commits to raising a minimum of $300 in donations. All donations are tax deductible and supporters will receive a receipt within 2 months after the event.

Congratulations to John Hanley, our 2nd Annual Most AAwesome Fundraiser! We were so impressed and inspired by the efforts of jumpers in our first year, that we offered a reward for the person who raised the most money over the minimum requirement. That person won their jump for free! That’s right, John was handed $200 cash at the raffle winners ceremony that day. John raised almost $2,000 through his friends, family, network and contacts. Thank You John! We AApreciate you!